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Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) -
Your Guide to Online Dispute Resolution

Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) offers a seamless online platform for resolving disputes, eliminating the need for physical meetings. I use video conferencing by Zoom.  Utilizing advanced digital tools, ODR provides real-time, secure, and confidential discussions to help parties reach resolutions efficiently.


ODR is versatile, catering to disputes of any size with participants from various locations.

Why Choose Online Dispute Resolution (ODR)?

  • Cost-Saving: Reduce expenses with no travel or venue costs.

  • Comfort & Convenience: Experience less stress with screen-based interactions and enjoy the flexibility of scheduling sessions from anywhere.

  • Flexibility: Easily arrange and adapt sessions to suit your needs.

  • Accessibility: Ideal for individuals with mobility or childcare challenges, enabling participation from home or office.

  • Easy: Free and No app needed.  We agree a time, I send a link, you click to join and I take care of the rest.

Ready to Transform Workplace Dynamics?

By opting for ODR, you benefit from a cost-effective, flexible, and convenient alternative to traditional dispute resolution methods. Experience the advantages of online mediation with ODR today.

Email or call 07809 701 600 to arrange a free 15 minute initial consultation with me on Zoom

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